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Church WordPress Theme

Top 20+ Best Church WordPress Themes of 2018

Finding a clean and beautiful church WordPress theme isn’t that difficult anymore. Did you know that there are over 10000 themes available today? Whether you did or not, you still have to admit that’s a huge number. These days, you can basically find a WordPress theme for every business and organization possible. Churches are no different. There are hundreds of great options out there, especially since developers noticed that churches are now more interested than ever in building an online following.

We live in a world where even The Pope is on Twitter, so it’s only natural for religious institutions to establish an online presence that will help them reach a bigger audience. Plus, building a stunning website is a quick way to offer followers a safe online space where they can interact and learn more about upcoming church events.

If you’re looking for a Christian theme for your WordPress website, we have a list for you. Below, you can see the Top 20+ best church WordPress themes in our eyes. And just a heads-up – while some of these themes are completely free, some of them are premium.

And now, let’s look at some of the best church WordPress themes out there…

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list right now, here’s the top 5:

Top 20+ Best Church WordPress Themes of 2017
Church Suite – Responsive WordPress Theme4.7
NativeChurch – Multi Purpose WordPress Theme4.7
Church and Events – Theme for Churches and Events4.8
Adore Church – Responsive WordPress Theme4.5
Bethlehem – Church WordPress Theme4.6

Church Suite – Responsive WordPress Theme

4.72 from 121 ratings
Aug, 2017 2.3.3

A stunning and responsive WordPress theme that’s fully customizable and fast. What more could you ask for? Church Suite offers an events manager system your followers will surely appreciate. Moreover, it comes with a user-friendly sermons manager and a causes manager to encourage worshipers to lend a helping hand where needed. It also packs Visual Composer, a plugin that makes building your religious website easier than ever. All these powerful features make Church Suite worthy of a spot on our list of the best church WordPress themes available.


NativeChurch – Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

4.66 from 313 ratings
Jun, 2017 2.9.4

NativeChurch is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with great functionality. It comes with a custom made Events Manager which offers great features like Paid Events, Events Registration, Events Calendar, and more. It also packs an intuitive sermon manager and it allows you to collect donations for causes with an online PayPal system specially built for the theme. Last but not least, the theme is fast, easy to use, SEO friendly, and WooCommerce compatible. Not too shabby.


Church and Events – Theme for Churches and Events

4.8 from 266 ratings
Jun, 2017 24

While this theme was built mainly for churches and events, it is also suitable for any kind of website due to its powerful features. The developers offer top-notch support, as the theme comes packed with HD video tutorials for beginners. In other words, you will be able to get your site up and running without any programming knowledge. On the same note, you also have access to a sleek and easy to use drag & drop page, blog posts and portfolio posts builder, entirely based on the popular Visual Composer plugin.


Adore Church – Responsive WordPress Theme

4.45 from 65 ratings
Jun, 2017 1.7.1

Adore Church is a theme designed and developed mainly for church, charity, non-profit and religious websites. Its gorgeous design and amazing functionality made it worthy of a spot on our best church WordPress themes list. It has a built-in events manager plugin, a sermons manager, and an event ticket booking layout. Furthermore, it also comes with a drag & drop page builder, so keeping your site updated will be piece of cake.


Bethlehem – Church WordPress Theme

4.64 from 28 ratings
Jul, 2017 1.3.1

If you were looking for an intuitive, flexible, and powerful church WordPress theme, look no more. Bethlehem is fully-customizable, fast, responsive, and very elegant. It comes with two popular plugins, Visual Composer and Revolution Slider, so it packs great value at a decent price. Moreover, it also offers users a sermons manager, it’s integrated with the Events Calendar plugin, and it is WooCommerce compatible. All in all, one of the best church WordPress themes out there.


Evangelist – Church WordPress Theme

3.4 from 10 ratings
Jun, 2015 1.1.4

Evangelist is a superb WordPress theme designed with churches, charities, and prayer groups in mind. It’s responsive and retina-ready, comes with a great sermons and events calendar, and the admin panel is a breeze to navigate. What really makes this church WordPress theme stand out from the crowd is the events calendar slider featured on the front page. It looks quite sharp in the demo! Furthermore, the theme offers several built-in page templates that might come in handy – from FAQ and Pricing Page to Donate Page and Services.


Spiritual – Church WordPress Theme (Responsive)

4.58 from 36 ratings
Aug, 2017 2.11

A responsive theme that likely fits any church’s needs, Spiritual offers gorgeous design and top notch functionality. It has a long list of premium features, including a theme customizer you will love to use. You also get custom widgets to make your job easier and custom page templates to help you save time. Plus, Spiritual is fast and SEO friendly, so your followers will be able to enjoy a great browsing experience.


Prayer – Church Responsive WordPress Theme

4.63 from 62 ratings
Jun, 2016 1.6.0

Four main features make this theme suitable for any church out there: Events Calendar & Management, Prayer Wall, Sermons Manager, and WooCommerce Store. Its impressive design is a bonus, and its drag & drop page builder keeps things simple for any site admin without a solid programming background. In other words, it’s got everything you need to build a solid church website without too much hassle.


Heartfelt: Humanitarian Responsive WordPress Theme

4.15 from 13 ratings
Jun, 2017 2.6.3

Heartfelt is a multi-purpose WordPress theme suitable for churches, non-profits, and charities. You can customize it live with the WordPress Theme Customizer and keep followers up to date on upcoming events using its Events Calendar System. Moreover, you can also integrate any donation system via a user-friendly pop-up donation feature. Heartfelt is elegant, translation ready, integrated with WooCommerce, and SEO friendly. One of the best church WordPress themes out there, for sure.


Incarnation – Church and Community Theme

4.37 from 97 ratings
Sep, 2016 4.2

This WordPress theme comes with support for audio and video sermons, a fully-fledged event calendar, and a community forum. It also offers many other options any church administrator would find useful. It has a plethora of options so you can modify layout, styling, colors, and fonts directly from within the admin panel, with ease. Incarnation also features a dynamic front page slider, community forums, and an events section.


Maranatha Church WordPress theme

We’re going to start our list with something more modern. Maranatha is a theme that comes with a sermon management area. In this area, the user can upload text, audio, and video sermons. Afterwards, the sermons can be organized by topics and books.

What’s more, it also comes with separate sections for locations, ministries, and events. The long home page allows you to set a full-screen welcome image or embed a video. As visitors scroll down the home page, Maranatha uses the “parallax effect.”


Enlightenment Faith WordPress Theme

If you don’t have too much experience with WordPress or if the section above confused you a bit, don’t worry, we have something simpler. With its simple function and intuitive dashboard, Enlightenment Faith allows users to create a church-themed website in a matter minutes.

Although the built-in features are somewhat limited, Enlightenment Faith supports a number of plugins that could boost its functionality. Nonetheless, the theme comes with post formats, shortcodes, and a number of different payouts.


4.30 from 13 ratings
Jul, 2016 0.7.7

Again, we have something pretty simple. Despite its generic name, Church is actually a useful theme that allows beginners to design their own church sites. If the theme looks somewhat familiar, it’s only because you’ve seen Omega theme before.

Church is a so-called “child theme” of Omega. That means Church shares many of Omega’s features and functionalities. It only has its own design, that’s all.


Christian Church WordPress Theme

This elegant WordPress theme comes with an adjustable page layout and built-in sliders. The latter allows users to arrange the page layout any way they want. So if you’re looking for something highly-customizable – you’ve found your theme.

In addition, Christian Church has all of the usual features you’d expect from a paid, premium WordPress theme. There are more than 80 shortcodes, it has multilingual support, supports both Google Maps and Google Fonts, etc.



And here we have a more “niche” theme. As the developers claim, Resurrect is an urban-inspired theme, aimed at young people. It has a built-in sermon section of the site, which allows you to upload sermons in a number of different formats. Users can also browse the sermons by topic.

What’s more, Resurrect has full multimedia support, which includes podcasting, among other formats. It has two color schemes – a dark one and a light one. Both support video and HQ image headers. And that’s not all – Resurrect also has galleries, blogging support, and staff profiles.


One Church Theme

This is a powerful, yet, easily-customizable WordPress theme. It offers 12 colors schemes, but if you want to have a more distinctive-looking website, it also allows you to customize your color scheme.

It has full support for church-inspired websites, including events, locations, and of course, sermons. Multimedia is also supported, plus, the site gorgeously displays your video and audio content.



With large background images, visually-attractive sliders, and flexible homepage builder, Kerygma is not only modern-looking, but also very powerful. For people who want multimedia content on their church website, Kerygma is a pretty good choice.

Needless to say, the theme allows you to upload text, image, audio, and video files. However, it has a useful podcasting section, which allows you to record your own interviews/shows/etc. It also has an easily-manageable staff profile section.


Church Plant Theme

The theme we have here is specifically designed for newly established religious groups and churches. Its main purpose is to help users to quickly grow their websites and communities. But the theme also comes with features which are more commonly used by more established organizations.

While it seems a bit redundant at this point, we still need to mention that it has support for staff profiles, sermons, and contact forms. You also have an event management section, where you can post about upcoming church events. Additionally, you have multiple page layouts and large header images.


Growing Church Theme

The last spot on our list is reserved for Growing Church – another intuitive and easy-to-use layout. All of the popular features a church would need are there. From built-in sermon management to event management.

It allows you to attach social media feed and Google Maps to the homepage. The theme also ships with a unique plugin called Page Builder, which allows you to fully customize the pages on your site.

Why Choose One Of The Best Church WordPress Themes On Our List?

We’re way past the time when churches weren’t paying that much attention to how their websites look like. Most church administrators are now aware that a strong website is a great tool to accommodate the spiritual needs of their followers and reach a wider audience. For a website to really appeal to worshipers though, you need a WordPress theme that caters to your church’s needs. Look for minimalism, readability, excellent user-experience. In other words, pick any of the best church WordPress themes above and you will be able to build a modern and eye-grabbing religious website that will surely appeal to your online community.

Final Thoughts

Most themes on our list come with features that should be useful to any church administrator out there – like donation widgets, event management, sliders, social media integration, and more. They’re as beautiful and user-friendly as they are feature-rich, so your followers will enjoy a flawless browsing experience. Plus, they’re insanely easy to set up and customize. You can have your site up and running in a matter of minutes.

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We hope you found this article helpful. And now it’s your turn: tell us, do you have any experience with running a church site? Are you, perhaps, starting your first website? Please share your experience with the rest of us by leaving a comment below.

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