Fast, Easy, and Free: How ConveyThis Translate Changed the WordPress Translation Game

If you have a WordPress blog, it’s probably because you felt you had something to offer the world. But what do you if there are other people out there around the world who share your interests or need your help, but don’t speak English? If your blog is exclusively in English, there is the possibility they’ll never find your content in the first place, much less hear what you have to say.

Until now, your options for translating your WordPress blog were fairly limited: you could either redirect your users through a free service like Google Translate (assuming they happened to find your blog at all); wrangle with cumbersome plugins with more settings and toggles than the cockpit of a commercial jetliner, then hire a freelancer to localize the text on top of that; or pay a professional translation agency to manually translate your content (and keep paying them each time you add something new).

None of the solutions were ideal, which left the door wide open for someone to find a solution that provides the advantage of each method and minimizes the barriers and challenges associated with them, too. And someone did! The result: ConveyThis Translate.

ConveyThis vs. “The Rest”

ConveyThis Translate is a new WordPress plugin launched with the support of professional translation services provider Translation Services USA. Translation Services USA has been providing document and website translation services to businesses and individuals for over 15 years, so if anyone knows the ins, outs, and limitations of website translation, it would be them.

But with all of the previously-mentioned methods for translating WordPress having been around for years now, how does a relatively new plugin like ConveyThis Translate actually measure up? Let’s compare:

ConveyThis vs. Google Translate

Google Translate is probably the most popular translation service of any kind on the web right now. And they do offer a website translation service of a kind—sort of.

Utilizing Google Translate works by redirecting your visitors through the Google Translate service itself, meaning all the work is handled directly by Google itself, and not your server. The biggest benefit is that this method is instant and free—you don’t need to constantly update your translated content, Google will automatically scrape the text from your page and translate it using their machine translation technology.

The major downfalls of this method, however, are that machine translation is inaccurate at best and totally illegible at worst. Additionally, since it requires redirecting users to a URL on Google’s server, you have no control over the way the content is displayed, and there is no SEO benefit since the translated content is not crawlable by search engines; users who speak foreign languages will only be able to find your content if they search for your keywords in English. 

ConveyThis Translate offers the same advantages; it provides instant machine translation, meaning none of your content is ever inaccessible in another language, but it provides for you (or a third-party) to review and edit every translation on your page, allowing you to provide a highly-accurate localization.

Additionally, ConveyThis Translate uses a URL-prefixing system that stores all of your foreign-language content on a separate, cacheable URL that search engines can crawl and index. Users searching for your keywords in their own native language will have a significantly better chance of finding your blog, and since the translated text is unique you won’t be penalized for having duplicate content.

ConveyThis vs. Other WordPress Plugins

Many other WordPress plugins exist to handle translation, and they certainly make things easier than coding and implementing a solution yourself. However, they often can be overly complicated to understand and use, and can require exporting content and importing the translated versions, constantly updating translations when text is added or modified, and other issues.

ConveyThis Translate is incredibly simple. Setup takes less than 2 minutes, and the plugin’s configuration screen has only three settings: an API key, your blog’s current language, and which languages you want your site translated into. Nothing needs to be exported or imported, and there is no additional configuration required. Once the three settings have been saved, just visit any page on your blog and select a new language from the pop-up menu to instantly view your translated site!

ConveyThis vs. Translation Agencies

Professional translation services providers certainly offer the most accurate and all-encompassing method for translating your content, but falls short in that you need to give up a lot of control and must constantly employ their services to make sure your translated text is up to date. Additionally, this is by far the most expensive option, as you’ll not only pay for the translations but the time required to implement the agency’s translation solution on your site. It can get complicated, and you need to put a lot of trust into the company you work with.

With ConveyThis, your translations will be as accurate as you need. If you’re happy allowing your visitors to get the gist of your content, you can keep the machine translations provided by the service as-is. If you want a fully localized, highly accurate translation of your whole site, you can edit the translations yourself or even hire a professional, third-party translator to translate the text through a simple interface on the dashboard of your ConveyThis user panel. The choice is totally up to you.

And since it uses machine translation technology to provide the initial localization instantly on page load, you never have to worry about content not being available in another language. Additionally, ConveyThis Translate is totally free for small blogs, with no credit card required for signup. If you find you need more languages, or you have a bigger site with more content, ConveyThis has multiple tiers of paid plans available as well, which also come with premium support and other benefits as well.

Where to check out ConveyThis Translate

With ConveyThis’s setup being so fast and simple and free to use (and even a 10-day free trial for all paid plans), there’s no reason not to give the plugin a shot and see how translation can help your blog grow. Furthermore they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the plugin. You can install ConveyThis Translate directly from the WordPress plugin repository, or visit ConveyThis.com for more information.

And as an added bonus, using the special promotion code listed here you can now save 50% off the regular price of the first month of any paid subscription plan using the coupon code: SPRING50DISCOUNT – you can use this code until June 1st.


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    Just checked out the pricing on their website and they seem to charge for both total words (ie the text being translated) but also page views, which seems very strange if it is localized on your own site and therefore only needs translating once.
    I have written to them to seek clarification.

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