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Looking for quality WordPress hosting that doesn’t break the bank? Lately, I’ve seen InMotion Hosting increasingly pop up with positive mentions in the WordPress Facebook groups that I’m a member of:

inmotion hosting review on facebook

Curious about what the fuss was all about, I decided to fire up a test site and write this InMotion Hosting review.

InMotion Hosting is a popular independent web host that serves over 300,000 customers. They’re notably not a part of the EIG behemoth (the parent company behind Bluehost, HostGator, and more), which is a plus in my book.

For my InMotion Hosting review, I’ll be specifically looking at InMotion Hosting’s WP-2000S managed WordPress plan. This plan starts at just $10.99 per month and comes with:

  • Automatic updates
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 80GB SSD storage
  • Free domain name
  • Staging
  • Web application firewall
  • Free backup tool
  • A number of performance-oriented features/technologies

Below, I’ll share some of the things that I liked and disliked, as well as real testing data from my site.

9 Things I Like About Inmotion Hosting

These are some of the things I liked the most about InMotion Hosting, ordered by how important I think each element is.

1. Fast Page Load Times, Especially For Its Price

If your website doesn’t load fast, nothing else matters. For that reason, let’s start off with a look at InMotion Hosting’s performance right away.

I set up a test site with a full Elementor template as its homepage to get an idea of how InMotion Hosting handled on a production site.

I didn’t add any optimization plugins or tweaks – this is just a fresh install with Elementor and InMotion Hosting’s server-side caching.

First, I ran my test site through Pingdom. The 1 MB page loaded in just 842 ms, which is pretty dang fast when you consider how affordable the plan is:

inmotion hosting test data

Next, I put it through Byte Check to see InMotion Hosting’s Time to First Byte (TTFB), which is basically a measure of how quickly a server responds.

Here, InMotion hosting clocked in at 91 ms, which is again fairly impressive:

InMotion Hosting TTFB data

Finally, I wanted to see how InMotion Hosting performed under load, so I ran it through Load Impact with 50 concurrent users over 5 minutes.

This was the best result yet.

With the exception of a single “spike” to 215 ms (still low!), my test site’s load time stayed under 150 ms over all 50 virtual users:

InMotion Hosting Load Impact test data

Overall, I was impressed with InMotion Hosting’s load times, especially for its price. Here’s some of what makes InMotion Hosting’s WordPress plans load so quickly:

  • PHP 7.X
  • SSD storage
  • Server-level caching

2. Similarly Fast Support Response Times

To get a feel for how quickly InMotion Hosting responds to support queries, I fired up their live chat service and shot off a message.

I had a response from a real person within just a few seconds, which is pretty dang great:

inmotiong hosting support response times

The only thing I didn’t like about the support system is that you had to manually enter your contact details, whereas other platforms like Kinsta or SiteGround are able to automatically authenticate you.

That’s a minor quibble, though, and doesn’t take away from the stellar response times.

3. Pre-installed WordPress

With InMotion Hosting, you can opt to have WordPress pre-installed on your server. While more advanced users might not appreciate this, this is a great benefit for beginners who are just getting started with their first WordPress site.

All you need to do is choose WordPress during the checkout process and InMotion Hosting will install it for you:

pre-installed wordpress at Inmotion Hosting

4. User Friendly Account Management Panel (AMP)

While InMotion Hosting does use cPanel to do much of the heavy lifting (like most hosts), it does include a well-designed Account Management Panel to collect everything in one place:

Account Management Panel

Essentially, you can manage your billing and web hosting from one convenient area.

InMotion also offers its own custom skin of the Paper Lantern cPanel theme, which I find to be quite easy to navigate (as far as cPanel goes):

InMotion Hosting cPanel design

5. Free SSL/TLS Certificate

For a long time, InMotion Hosting didn’t offer any easy way to install a free SSL/TLS certificate. Thankfully, that’s changed now.

Now, you can easily activate SSL/TLS on your site just by toggling a button in your Account Management Panel:

Easy free SSL

This puts InMotion Hosting on par with SiteGround, Kinsta, and other hosts that offer easy free SSL.

6. Free Data Backups

Many budget hosts make it a pain to regularly back up your WordPress website. InMotion Hosting doesn’t do that – you can easily create server-level backups using the handy Backup Wizard:

Easy backup wizard

And you can even restore your site via the same wizard, though InMotion Hosting only lets you restore your site once every 4 months for free. If you need to do it more often, additional restores cost $49 each.

7. Automatic WordPress Updates (Optional)

Keeping your WordPress site updated is essential to its functioning and security. With InMotion Hosting’s dedicated WordPress plans, you have the option to automatically have InMotion update both the core WordPress software and/or your themes and plugins.

That way, you don’t have to constantly remember to manually check for and apply updates.

8. BoldGrid Website Builder

While I personally prefer other solutions, beginners can take advantage of InMotion Hosting’s proprietary BoldGrid website system to build a WordPress website using drag and drop.

If you want more control over how your website looks and functions but don’t have the knowledge to do it yourself, BoldGrid is an awesome perk.

9. Free Domain Name And Free Migrations

While these freebies are small things, they’re nice to have and sweeten the pot a bit, especially now that SiteGround has stopped offering a free domain name with its plans.

If you already have a website hosted somewhere else, InMotion Hosting will also migrate it over for free.

2 Things I Didn’t Like About InMotion Hosting

In general, I think InMotion Hosting’s pros outweigh its cons, but there are still some things that I didn’t like about InMotion Hosting.

1. Comparatively Low Website Limits

At its price range and performance, InMotion Hosting’s most relevant comparison point is probably SiteGround.

On SiteGround’s comparatively priced GrowBig plan, you can have unlimited websites, whereas InMotion hosting limits you to just 2 websites on its WP-2000S plan.

If you’re only planning to host a couple websites, this might not matter to you. But if you’re planning to run a large number of sites, the cost will quickly add up.

2. No Monthly Billing

While it’s not a dealbreaker (many other hosts do this as well!), InMotion Hosting only lets you pay in increments of 12 or 24 months – there’s no monthly billing.

That means you’ll need to pay a decent chunk up front, depending on your specific plan. Still, you still get quality hosting for pretty cheap.

Final Thoughts On InMotion Hosting WordPress Plans

InMotion Hosting impressed me with its page load times, especially for its price. Additionally, I liked that even when I reached out to support at the equivalent of 7 am for North Americans, I still got an instant response on live chat.

WordPress beginners should also enjoy the helpful features like:

  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • BoldGrid website builder
  • Automatic updates

The only potential negative is the low website limits. While the limits aren’t necessarily low in comparison to other managed WordPress hosts, they are low when you compare InMotion Hosting to something like SiteGround.

In the end, if you’re looking for high-performing, yet affordable, managed WordPress hosting and aren’t likely to run afoul of the website limits, I think InMotion Hosting ticks all the boxes.

InMotion Hosting offers a generous 90-day money-back guarantee – so you’re not risking anything!

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