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Cheap Premium WordPress Themes

Launching a new website? If you are, there are several reasons why you should go premium when it comes to your WordPress theme. For starters, premium themes are usually built by professional web developers/designers and cater to a market of website owners willing to spend a few bucks for a product of superior quality. More(more...)

The Best Medical Health WordPress Themes for 2016

Health care facilities are among the most Googled services out there, so it’s only natural for doctors, clinics, and practitioners to invest in building an appealing online presence. From personal experience, a great website can convince potential patients to reach out and book an appointment; while an outdated and incomplete web page will make them(more...)

You want to host your WordPress website without breaking the bank, right? If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be here! In that case, I have great news. We’ve put together 15 of the best options for cheap WordPress hosting. For each host, we broke down what features and perks you get on their cheapest plan,(more...)


Looking to launch a fashion blog this summer and showcase your awesome sense of style? We’ve got you covered. Besides a great hosting plan, a few cute outfits lined up, and a great camera, you also need a design that will grab visitors’ eyes and entice them to keep scrolling. In other words, you need(more...)

Best-landing-page--wordpress-themes (1)

Most WordPress websites are built on a multi-page structure. This helps organize the information better and keeps visitors on the page for a longer amount of time. However, sometimes a one-page theme is all you need to showcase a new product or feature. A landing page allows you to get your site up and running(more...)