How To Add Web Push Notifications To WordPress With SendPulse

Building an audience for your website is hard…

You do all that work to get visitors to your website. But as soon as they leave, you lose the ability to engage with them unless you were lucky enough to get them to give you their email addresses.

Web push notifications change that by giving you an opportunity to engage with your visitors even when they’re no longer on your website in a lightweight manner that doesn’t require an email address.

If you have a smartphone, you’re probably familiar with the concept of push notifications. They’re messages from apps that show up on your lock screen to provide you with updates or helpful information.

Web push notifications are the same idea…but for web browsers.

While the exact design depends on your style choices and your visitor’s web browser, they usually look something like this:

Are Web Push Notifications Hard To Add To WordPress?

Web push notifications are hard to add by yourself. But as is the WordPress way, there are plenty of services and plugins that make the implementation painless.

While there are a few different services that can help you send push notifications on WordPress, we recommend SendPulse. SendPulse is an all-in-one solution for email marketing, SMS messaging, and, you guessed it, web push notifications.

They also have a dedicated WordPress plugin that makes it super simple to get your WordPress site up and running with web push notifications.

Beyond those other marketing features, here’s why SendPulse is a good option to add push notifications to WordPress:

  • It’s easy to get started with thanks to the dedicated plugin
  • It supports all the major browsers – Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
  • You can A/B test your messages to find the ones that convert best
  • You can segment your visitors to only send push notifications to specific types of users

And finally – for the kicker – it’s 100% free. That price is tough to beat!

How To Add Push Notifications To WordPress With SendPulse

Want to try out push notifications on your WordPress site? Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Install The Free SendPulse WordPress Plugin

To get started, you need to install the free web push plugin at your WordPress site. The SendPulse plugin is listed at WordPress.org, so you can install it right from your WordPress dashboard by:

  • Going to Plugins → Add New
  • Searching for “SendPulse Free Web Push”
  • Clicking Install Now and then Activate

Step 2: Create A Free SendPulse Account

Next, you need to sign up for a free SendPulse account to generate the integration code.

To do that, head here and click the Sign Up button in the top-right corner:

Enter your information to create an account. Then, after you confirm your email, you should see a prompt asking you How do you plan to use our service?

Click on the Web Push option:

After selecting that, SendPulse will take you straight to the push notifications area.

Step 3: Add A New Website In Your SendPulse Account

Now, you should be in the Push campaigns area. Here, click the button to Add new website:

Then, enter your domain name and:

  • Choose an image for your website (this will display on the push notification)
  • Choose when to ask visitors for permission to send them push notifications
  • Click Next step

Then, SendPulse will provide you with your integration code.

Step 4: Add Integration Code To WordPress Plugin

Copy the integration code from the SendPulse interface:

Then, paste it into the WordPress plugin by going to Settings → Sendpulse webpush in your WordPress dashboard.

You should also decide whether or not to send the emails and usernames of WordPress users to SendPulse for personalization.

Once you’ve done both things, click Save Changes:

Step 5: Start Sending Push Notifications To Subscribers

Now, anyone who visits your website will get a request to accept push notifications from you.

Once you start getting some subscribers, you can send them push notifications from your SendPulse dashboard:

And that’s all there is to it!

Final Thoughts On WordPress Push Notifications

Web push notifications are a great way to connect with your visitors no matter where they are on the web.

Better yet, it only takes a few minutes to add push notifications to your WordPress site and, if you use a service like SendPulse, you won’t need to pay a thing.

Give push notifications a try and see if they boost your site’s engagement!

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