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Remove Powered by WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

/Remove Powered by WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

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Looking for ways to remove powered by WordPress from your blog? Whoever said setting up a blog/site is easy never had to do it alone. While the process of installing WordPress and picking a theme is pretty straightforward, there are tens of minor (and often tedious) tasks you’ll have to check off your to-do list before taking your site live.

And the worst part? You probably won’t even think of them until you start to customize your little corner of the Internet. Removing “powered by WordPress” from your footer is a prime example of such a dreary task. Not to worry, though – we have some useful and easy to follow advice that will rid you of this problem in a jiffy. Read on.

Although Google advises against linking externally in the footer, certain WordPress themes incorporate the infamous “powered by WordPress” link by default – including Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Thirteen, and Twenty Twelve.

All these popular themes come equipped with the link in the footer, so you have two options: either live with it once your theme is live or follow our quick tutorial to remove it.

Too expensive hosting? Downtime too high? Subpar support? Slow hosting? Try this:

Here’s a video on how to do it with a step-by-step walkthrough – external link, opens up in a new tab.

Yes, removing the link is officially frowned upon by WordPress, but there are two methods that do the trick:

  • Using the Style.css file to cover up the footer message
  • Using the Footer.php file to remove the footer from your site

How to Remove Powered by WordPress

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard as an Admin
  2. Scroll over ‘Appearance’ and then click on the ‘Editor’ menu
  3. Click on the Style.css file; it’s at the near-bottom of the Templates section
  4. Type the following code at the end of the Style.css file and click the ‘Update File’ button
remove powered by wordpress image 1

Adding code in the Style.css File


You can now preview your site and be jolly – you’ve successfully managed to hide the “powered by WordPress” message!

How to Completely Remove Powered By WordPress from the Footer

The method mentioned above will only serve to hide the footer message from your site. However, it will not completely remove the link; the original message will always be shown in your Template PHP file.

Therefore, in order to permanently get rid of it, you need to edit the “Footer.php” file and remove a code sequence. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. You simply need to delete a few lines of code. The example below was provided using the Twenty Fourteen theme.

remove powered by wordpress image 2

Editing “Footer.php” file in WordPress


Voilà! You can now preview your site in a browser to see that the footer message has completely disappeared.

Adding a Custom Footer Message

If you want to replace the WordPress footer message with a customized message like “Copyright @ Macho Themes,” modify the footer code as shown below:

remove powered by wordpress image 3

Adding Custom Footer in WordPress

Thoughts on how to remove powered by WordPress from your site

We hope you found the article helpful and you have successfully rid your WordPress site of that pesky default footer message. Keep browsing our blog for more interesting tips and tricks.



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