10 Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins in 2019

Blogging is an excellent way to give a lot of information on various diverse topics in a diary-style format. Many people use their blogs to educate people regarding different aspects. There are fashion bloggers, tech freaks, travel enthusiasts and many more sharing their life experiences or resourceful articles in these particular fields and teaching others what’s best for them. To bring those people on your blog to read what you have written, you actually have to be search engines (SEO) friendly to appear on the search results for the relevant keywords.

But for making website/blog user-friendly and search engine friendly at the same time, there are certain plugins used by WordPress developers and SEO professionals and WordPress Sitemap plugins is one of them. For a writer, it is very easy to blog right! But the ultimate goal of blogging is to land targeted readers to read and to do the same, the first step is to get it indexed on search engines properly. Right? A Sitemap is a detailed index of URLs of your posts, pages and anything you want search engines to understand. It is a clear structure of your website for search engine bots to crawl all the pages of your website.


WordPress SiteMap Plugins

The sitemap is a list of pages on a website that is the first thing a search engine bot looks for in any website. An XML sitemap is a way by which the website owners tell the search engines about all the pages (they want to index) that are available on their websites. A Sitemaps simply allow a search engine to better crawl a website.

Why to Create an XML sitemap

Now you must be thinking why is this really important because Google (or any other search engine) crawls the world wide web almost daily and will be crawling my site too.

  1. Better indexing on Google
  2. To make search engines understand the website structure
  3. Give weight to important posts and pages (while crawling)
  4. It organizes how search engines navigate into your website

Another powerful factor of your website that deals with Search engine robots is “robots.txt” which is like an Entry or No entry sign board for them. Yes, its a myth that search engines do not crawl a new website if it doesn’t have an XML sitemap but they do it better when you have it.

There are 3 reasons how search engine crawler will come on your website.

1️⃣ First is its tendency to crawl all the web pages being published on the internet,
2️⃣ Second is a dofollow backlink to your website from any other website that forces a search engine crawler to go look your web page also,
3️⃣  The third reason is the sitemap you submit in Google search console (formerly known as Google webmaster tools).


Since you already know that over 30% of the internet is using WordPress as a CMS and every website has a sitemap, some webmasters keep that in mind, some keep it on paper and professionals create an XML sitemap. Creating a website or blog is not such a difficult task but managing a huge website having thousand of pages remembering what has to be indexed and what has to be kept hidden from Google definitely is.

wordpress CMS and plugins

Google is the medium for people to look up your website through search and ranks webpages based on more than 200 ranking signals which include your on-page and off-page optimization. It is you who has to make the website easy to navigate by the search engine bots. Since the sitemap helps a search engine bot navigating the whole structure of any website, it is called “Site-map”. You can’t consider creating a website’s XML sitemap as an advanced SEO technique. That’s the fundamental process of making your website SEO ready.

The Structure of a SiteMap

Digging deeper into a sitemap, it is firstly an index of the kind of content your website possess. And the initial wordpress sitemap URL would be

and looks like this

10 Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins in 2019 1

We’re listing 10 of the best plugins to perform the task of creating an intuitive, fast and optimized XML sitemaps for your website. Let’s go ahead and see how it works exactly-

1 Google XML Sitemap

Google xml sitemap

Topping the list of plugins to create intuitive XML Sitemap, Google XML Sitemap plugin is currently installed and running on over a million WordPress installs.

The plugin will create a sitemap just like this:

google xml sitemap example

Pros & Cons

Get your whole website fetched and indexed by search engine crawlers
When you submit a good optimized sitemap, you offer a treat to the search engine crawler which rewards you further with proper index of your web pages.

The plugin doesn’t cost a penny
Since the plugin is available for free on, you can not only download and install it for free but also contribute to the community by adding your comments/reviews.

Easy configuration options to customize according to your needs
Even the basic configuration of the plugin is very extensive. You can dive into the advanced options and make it to fulfill your customized needs also.

✅ Split a sitemap with huge number of URLs to tackle the 50k limit

✅ Create news sitemap, images sitemap and custom sitemaps

❌ Shortcodes to embed a sitemap on any page/post

❌ Multisite support is not claimed yet

10 Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins in 2019 2

It does as it says, it generates sitemaps to help the search engines crawl better and indexing it. The search engines supported by the plugin are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and It notifies them automatically to crawl your website whenever there is any new post is updated or published. You can download Google XML sitemaps from plugin’s directory for FREE. Yes, its free for lifetime.

2 Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

Faster than any other XML sitemap plugin, Better WordPress Google XML sitemaps doesn’t take more resources on your WordPress install. You can use this plugin on your news website also because there is no limit on the number of URL you can generate an XML sitemap for. Additionally, it already has a Google News compatible sitemap generator feature.

Pros & Cons

✅ Create news sitemap, images sitemap and custom sitemaps

✅ Split a sitemap with huge number of URLs to tackle the 50k limit

✅ Compatibility for WP mult-site installs

✅ Configuration options

❌ Shortcodes to embed a sitemap on any page/post

And one of it’s prominent features is the number of customization and configuration options it comes packed with.

3 Page List

Page list wordpress sitemap plugin

Formerly known as Sitemaps, Page list plugin offers you a very simple utility that it will provide you with sitemap shortcodes. You can embed these shortcodes anywhere on your website to make it easier for your users to crawl thorough the site without navigating using numerous menus and submenus. You can even personalize these shortcodes and all this is completely free and optimized.

Pros & Cons

✅ The plugin helps you with demonstrating the pages of your website

✅ Well formatted sitemaps for hierarchical custom post types also

✅ Visual Sitemaps never been attractive before (add featured image in sitemap)

❌ No hierarchical blog posts sitemap

❌ No Configuration options

4 XML Sitemaps & Google News

XML Sitemaps & Google News

There is nothing to get confused about the function of the plugin. It is yet another plugin that creates optimized, faster and intuitive XML Sitemaps for your website. You must opt to start using this plugin if you own a huge website having 100k blog posts or news updates because you can also create a sitemap on a dynamic URL.

Here’s the sitemap index it generates without further customizations after install.

XML Sitemaps & Google News example sitemap generated automatically

The setup is quick, easy and user-friendly. You can opt to generate static sitemap (can be cached using caching plugins) or dynamic sitemap (if it is subjected to update more frequently).

Pros & Cons

✅ Create Google news compatible sitemap

✅ Set a custom limit to split huge sitemaps into parts

✅ Configuration options

❌ Compatibility for WP mult-site installs

❌ Shortcodes to embed any sitemap on any page/post

From SEO point of view this sitemap is something that makes sure that each page on your website is accessible by search engines. It is really hard to imagine a new website having at-least 1 do-follow backlink for each page/post. In that case, such website’s webmaster can generate and submit an XML sitemap. Doing this he makes sure that all page would be indexed (if not ranked).

5 Google Sitemap by Bestwebsoft

Google Sitemap By Bestwebsoft

This sitemap generator plugin for WordPress comes packed with advanced features where you can also connect to your Google Search Console account. Submitting sitemaps to your search console becomes way easier.

In case, the robots.txt file doesn’t have a link to the sitemap.xml, you can utilize the option to automatically insert a link to the sitemap in the robots.txt file of your website.

Pros & Cons

✅ Create news sitemap and sitemap for custom post type also

✅ Split huge sitemaps for better performance

✅ Configuration options and customizations exists but not as much as other plugins offer

❌ Compatibility for WP mult-site installs

❌ Shortcodes to embed a sitemap on any page/post

6 Simple WP Sitemap

Simple WP Sitemap | Visual wordpress sitemap generator plugin

Simple WP Sitemap is not just yet another free WordPress sitemap plugin. It offers you to generate sitemaps not only for search engine bots but also for your website audience to navigate the whole website/blog. Additionally, you can choose between XML and HTML markup for your sitemap. HTML sitemap is mostly created for your users but you can utilize it as your primary sitemap as well (by adding a link to the HTML sitemap in robots.txt).

Pros & Cons

✅ Create news sitemap, images sitemap and custom sitemaps (Pro feature)

✅ Split sitemap (Pro feature)

✅ Configuration options exists but are very limited in the free version

✅ Compatibility for WP mult-site installs (Pro feature)

✅ Shortcodes to embed a sitemap on any page/post (Pro feature)

7 SiteX Sitemap Generator

10 Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins in 2019 3

This premium sitemap plugin offers a unique feature. Instead of going to your website and making a proper full sitemap, this one goes through your navigation menu and creates a nested one. You can buy it for as low as $15 with 6 months of developer support.

Pros & Cons

✅ Configuration options exists but are very limited

✅ Compatibility for WP mult-site installs

✅ Shortcodes to embed a sitemap on any page/post

❌ Create news sitemap, images sitemap and custom sitemaps

❌ Split sitemap

8 WP Sitemap Page

WP Sitemap Page

WP Sitemap Page is yet another Free visual WordPress sitemap plugin developed specially to improve your website’s user experience and not the search engine compatibility. It creates sitemaps for your users and that too using shortcodes so that you can embed them on any page/post you want.

Pros & Cons

✅ Configuration options exists but are very different

✅ Compatibility for WP mult-site installs is not confirmed

✅ Shortcodes to embed a sitemap on any page/post is the core function of the plugin

❌ Create news sitemap, images sitemap and custom sitemaps

Split sitemap
is not even required for such sitemap.

This plugin offers services for the users rather than the bots. Nowadays many people forget about this but there are a number of people who like to use the old ways of browsing a website and this is what this plugin has to offer. It will offer you a simple short code in your post and you can embed the the whole sitemap in HTML markup using this shortcode. Isn’t it awesome?

9 WP SEO HTML Sitemap


This behaves as an add-on to your favorite SEO plugin. Yes, you guess that right. It is Yoast SEO plugin having millions of installs and active users around the globe.

Pros & Cons

✅ Configuration options exists and can be leveraged with Yoast SEO Plugin

✅ Compatibility for WP mult-site installs is not confirmed

❌ No Shortcodes allowed

❌ Create news sitemap, images sitemap and custom sitemaps

❌ Split sitemap feature is not available

It simply adds several useful features to the Yoast SEO’s sitemap generator to enhance the way you create sitemaps for search engines. Additionally, it adds a few more customizations and integrations to the Yoast SEO configuration. It adds a feature to create an HTML sitemap along with an XML version of the same.

Did we find the best WordPress sitemap plugin?

So, these were the top best plugins for creating Sitemaps and now it’s up to you which one you want to use for your websites.

Custom Coded Sitemaps? Possible?

Talking about creating a very basic wordpress sitemap page without a plugin for an HTML/PHP website, it is doable just by creating an XML file with all the URLs that have to be crawled. But it can become a hectic task if you are there to generate an XML sitemap for a big website.

You can easily create an XML sitemap for a WordPress based website by uploading a custom sitemap.xml file in the root directory of the website. But that’s a stupid task when you already know that it can easily be done just by installing a plugin only.

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