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Experience a theme like no other. Pixova Lite is the perfect, free parallax one page WordPress theme.

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Our Features list

For rapid color, layout and widget changes. You can keep an eye on how your website is changing in real-time

Color managementPRO

Unlimited color possibilities for you website elements lets you change the website appearance to your company style. You can set any color to each of your menu elements.

Translation readyPRO

Our themes work perfectly with WPML to help you build a multilingual website.

Retina readyPRO

Retina displays set special demands to websites, the code is developed to have an ultimate performance on all retina displays, providing sharp details and quality for your website elements.

Stunning customer supportPRO

We stand behind our products and offer one-to-one e-mail based support.We respond to all our clients doing our best to offer the best experience by providing effective troubleshooting.

Unlimited google fontsPRO

Typography is the most powerfool tool to comunicate with your readers, using Google Fonts you can you customize the appearance completely and benefit from Google infrasturcture.

Cross browser compatiblityPRO

Our aim is a unified experience across the most popular browsers and screen sizes out there, we constantly test and improve our code to have the best results and performance.


Find out more about Pixova Lite Theme

Whether you’re a freelancer who wants to promote their services, an artist or a company owner, having your own website is a must. Although you might be thinking that you need the help of a web designer to get the best out of your website, using a free parallax one page WordPress theme, such as our Pixova Lite WordPress theme, for instance, will make it easier for you to build your website. From customizing widgets to changing sections and logos, you’ll have way much more freedom to organize your content and turn the front page of your website into something awesome.

So what matters to your visitors? What makes them come back and ultimately become your clients? First of all, your website needs to run smoothly as they scroll down the front page or jump from one category to the other. Parallax scrolling basically means that some components on your front page move at a different speed than others and the result is an appealing, engaging effect for the reader. Our free parallax WordPress theme – Pixova Lite – also provides you with the ability to use various widgets depending on the purpose, to customize your footer and blog sidebar.

If you would like to start an online shop – or if you’d like to bring improvements to the one you already own – you’d be happy to hear that Pixova Lite fully supports WooCommerce . In order to use this feature, just install the free WooCommerce plugin. This way, it will be a whole lot easier for you to create your virtual shop and provide your customers with a pleasant experience.

Nowadays, people mostly use their phones or tablets to search information and your website needs to be up to par. One of the key aspects of Pixova Lite is the fact that it’s fully responsive. Now, this isn’t something out of the ordinary, since this has been the standard for the past couple of years. What sets Pixova Lite apart though is the fact that it’s also blazing fast, while keeping all the responsive goody-goodies available, such as retina font icons & graphics, custom Google Fonts, animations & parallax sections.

Owing up to the fact that you can add multiple widgets in the sidebar, as well as in the footer, you’ll make your website more user-friendly. All of these modifications will be visible in the mobile version as well.

Take Pixova Lite for a spin, see how it feels – we guarantee you’ll love it. Pixova Lite – a truly free parallax WordPress theme ready for this year.

Coding by the standards

We strive for compatibility and code quality when building new products. It's not all about the looks. Style should never replace substance.

Regularly updated

We constantly push out updates features & safety updates. Rest easy. No need to worry about the code vulnerabilities affecting your website.

Dedicated Team

Macho Themes is powered by a small, dedicated theme that puts clients first. We want you to have the best possible experience.


Why Choose the Pro Version

Search Engine OptimizationPRO

Follows best SEO practices. Title tags & HTML5 rich snippets are used so ensure maximum Search Engine compatibility as well as indexing.

Optimized for speedPRO

Code quality affects site performance, which is why every line we write is optimized to build a quick-loading site.


Tweak your site in real-time with the included advanced CSS editor.

Multiple languagesPRO

If you're looking to build a multilingual website, our themes perfectly integrate with the WPML plugin.

Experience a theme like no other. Pixova Lite is the perfect, free parallax one page WordPress theme.

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