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Jul 26

We’ve put together the best options for cheap WordPress hosting. For each host, we broke down what features and perks you get on their cheapest WordPress hosting plan, so that you know exactly what your hard-earned money gets you.TL;DR - we picked BlueHost as our winner, based on user rating, performance, ease of use and(more...)

Jun 25

Mastering the WordPress dashboard is the first thing you must learn after launching a WordPress-powered blog or website. This is basically your control panel – you will use your dashboard to tweak your site, create content, access statistics, and monitor comments. It’s the first thing you see when you log in, so getting the hang(more...)

Jun 14

You just got a great idea for a new website. You bought a domain, installed WordPress, and are now eager to share your idea with the world. But… your design is still kind of a mess. You’re short on content. Or you’re just not ready to reveal all your secrets just yet. What’s there to(more...)

May 30

Learning how to speed up WordPress is crucial to your success as a website owner. According to several studies detailed at Moz.com, despite the somewhat limited effect website speed may have on your website’s search engine results, your site visitors continue to demand fast page loading. Who wants to wait around for pages to load(more...)

remove powered by wordpress
Apr 24

Looking for ways to remove powered by WordPress from your blog? Whoever said setting up a blog/site is easy never had to do it alone. While the process of installing WordPress and picking a theme is pretty straightforward, there are tens of minor (and often tedious) tasks you’ll have to check off your to-do list(more...)