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Retro WordPress Themes

Retro WordPress themes are very in right now. Since nostalgia is the new black, there’s no wonder more and more website owners are turning to vintage inspired design to upgrade their pages. After all, ‘90s music is everywhere, tattoo chokers have made a comeback for some reason, and TV show revivals have become the norm.(more...)

10+ Smashing WordPress Music Themes for 2016

The Internet has really changed things for artists in the last few years. For the better. It’s now less difficult to build an online following and promote your music to a wider audience. A solid website helps you keep fans in the loop and share your work. You can advertise gigs, build your personal brand,(more...)

Using the right free WordPress plugin can mean the difference between a very successful website and an average one. In fact, sometimes the functionality can make or break what you’re trying to do. However, give your site visitors a terrific user experience and your website will have the chance to make it big. The problem(more...)

We've gathered a list of the best Parallax WordPress Themes - because who doesn't love one? They provide a great way to tell your brand's story in a memorable and attractive manner. With wonderful and cool visual effects, parallax themes are perfect if you want to offer your website a unique design. It also helps(more...)

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