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Jan 9

Along with the fast growing popularity of digital currencies, websites that are built around cryptocurrency have seen a surge as well. We have created a list with crypto currency templates that can be used for websites that deal with crypto watch, crypto trading, crypto mining, and any other related information. When it comes to a(more...)

Nov 27

I’m guessing that you’re here because you’re trying to add a photo gallery to your WordPress site. In which case, I have great news! There’s no shortage of WordPress photo gallery plugins to help you do just that. But that’s a bit of a double-edged sword, isn’t it? See, when you’re spoiled for choice…it can(more...)

Nov 15

Here’s a fact that not everyone tells you about WordPress: While the software itself is free, many of the features that you’ll want on your WordPress site aren’t. Even beyond hosting, the cost of premium themes and plugins to add cool functionality to your site can quickly add up. In a way – I blame(more...)

Nov 14

Want to add social media buttons to your WordPress site? Good decision! They’re a great way to encourage social shares and boost your social traffic. But unless your theme includes built-in social media buttons, you’ll need a social share button plugin to get those nifty buttons for your own WordPress site. I guess it’s a(more...)