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Dec 6

If you’ve been looking around for a place to host your WordPress site, we can almost guarantee that you’ve come across the name Bluehost, as it’s one of the most popular web hosts in existence, as well as a recommended WordPress host at Despite its popularity, though, Bluehost often carries a negative perception among(more...)

Nov 28

When it comes to affordable WordPress hosting, A2 Hosting is a name that often comes up in various WordPress groups for offering quick-loading performance that belies its low price tag: A2 Hosting’s regular mentions made us curious to see how A2 Hosting performed, so we set up a site on their Turbo Shared Hosting plan,(more...)

Jun 14

You just got a great idea for a new website. You bought a domain, installed WordPress, and are now eager to share your idea with the world. But… your design is still kind of a mess. You’re short on content. Or you’re just not ready to reveal all your secrets just yet. What’s there to(more...)