Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer support and what’s the deal with the basic/priority ?

We do offer support. If you need help using our products or find a bug , simply send us an email at or use our contact formand we’ll assist you in any way we can. Here’s what the difference between basic and priority support is:

  • Basic support: Email regular support. All support tickets get answered in 72 hours, tops.
  • Priority support: Email priority support. All support tickets get answered in 24 hours, tops.

When you need us, we’re here. Being a part of this is the quickest way to launch your new website.

How long will I receive updates and support?

You will receive updates and support for one year, after 1 year you can renew your subscription.

What if I am not satisfied with your themes?

You won’t be, pinky promise. But just to let you know how serious we are about the quality of our products, we’re offering the a Money Back Guarantee. This means that we’ll give you your money back + you are free to keep using the themes you bought and you even get to keep our premium support.

What kind of license do you use?

The source code is 100% GPL. Which in plain English means that you can do whatever you want with it, you own it and is for lifetime, however you only get support and updates for 1 year and if you wanna have it longer, you will need to renew.Find out more about the GPL license here.

WordPress version X.X has just been released. Will your themes work with it?

We test our themes with each new version of WordPress thoroughly to make sure there are no issues. If we find anything, we’ll try to fix it quickly.

Why choose MachoThemes?

If you’re looking to create a website that is set up to earn money, Macho Themes is the choice for you. What makes us different is that our themes are tested on our own network of money making sites. We don’t release a theme until it has proven to produce top quality results.Our simple solutions allow you to not worry about the tech stuff, and focus on building your business and making money instead.

You need assistance ?
Get answers to just about any question, and get in touch directly with us to get your theme up and running in no time.