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This article is perfect for pet store owners, veterinary clinics, adoption centers, animal trainers, pet caretakers and many other businesses or organizations. Below you can find some of the best choices for animal and pet oriented websites, which will save you time from looking yourself. Selecting one of these WordPress themes for animals and pets(more...)

The fast rising success of online newspapers has changed the way we get our news. Nowadays, you can sip your coffee in the mornings while searching and reading the top local news in a matter of seconds – and not just in the mornings. With news moving steadily to online and their popularity growing, blogs(more...)

Nowadays, most businesses need a website. But nowhere is that truer than the restaurant industry, where 85% of people who search for food on their mobile phone go on to make a purchase (64% do so within an hour of searching!). The right WordPress restaurant theme can help you reach those searchers and convert them(more...)