17+ Best Knowledge Base WordPress Themes 2019

There are many knowledge base, wiki, FAQ, and support WordPress themes designed specifically for this purpose just as there are knowledge base plugins. The themes featured on this list will help you craft an original and contemporary website that your visitors will find easy to scroll through in order to find the information they need. Depending on the theme you choose you will have a variety of homepage demos, page templates, plugins, and features. All of these themes are also responsive and search engine optimized.

Before choosing a theme from this list you should take into consideration and needs and design expectations to make sure it meets them. Many of the knowledge base, wiki, FAQ, and support WordPress themes featured in here will come with FAQ page templates, support tickets manager, systems for questions and answers, and other specific tools. Take it all into account to help you decide on the best one for you.

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Wrapping up the 17+ Best Knowledge Base, Wiki, FAQ, and Support Ticket WordPress Themes 2023

What are your thoughts on these knowledge base, wiki, FAQ, and support ticket WordPress themes? Are they up to par with your requirements and needs? If you happen to know a theme that deserves to be listed here be sure to let us know!

Another plugin that’s also definetely worth checknig out is Helpie WP – it is a relatively newer plugin but it is definetely worth checking out.

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