The 12+ Best Digital Download WordPress Themes for 2017

/The 12+ Best Digital Download WordPress Themes for 2017

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Looking for the perfect digital download WordPress theme to launch your online shop or marketplace? When combined with plugins like Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce, WordPress is a great solution for selling digital products.

But if you want your digital downloads store to do well, you’re gonna need a great theme! So to help you find the theme that’s right for you (or your client’s) site, I’ve put together this list of the best digital downloads themes for WordPress.

All of these themes are:

  • Good looking
  • Functional
  • Built to work with Easy Digital Downloads, or in some cases WooCommerce/third-party tools

Let’s dive in!

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list right now, here’s the top 5:

The 12+ Best Digital Download WordPress Themes for 2017
Checkout – WordPress eCommerce Theme4.5
Tendershop Responsive Easy Digital Downloads Theme-
SoundBox | Easy Digital Downloads Responsive WordPress Theme4.0
Marketify – Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme4.3
Stocky – A Stock Photography Marketplace Theme4.6

12 Best Digital Download WordPress Themes for 2017

Whenever I create a theme list, I always like to spend a little time talking about how I, ‘ya know, actually made the list. I mean – these lists are never very scientific, right? So how did I go about rounding up these 12 digital download themes?

Well, to add some transparency to the list, here are the basic criteria I used to formulate this list:

  • Plugin integrations – does the theme integrate well with digital download solutions like Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce? If not, does it have its own solution for managing digital downloads?
  • Ratings – most theme directories include some type of rating system. I always shoot for a 4.0-star out of 5 rating at a minimum. Ideally, I like to include themes that have 4.5-stars or better.
  • Popularity – being popular doesn’t always mean a theme is good…but it’s a pretty good indicator. Additionally, if a theme is popular, there’s a better chance that its developer will continue to support it.



Checkout – WordPress eCommerce Theme

4.53 from 38 ratings
Jun, 2017 1.9.9

Checkout is a gorgeous theme from Array Themes focused on integrating with the Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plugin for simple digital sales. With Checkout and EDD, you can quickly set up a marketplace selling any type of digital product. Because it’s built for EDD, Checkout ships with a pre-designed dashboard for your vendors (assuming you have the EDD marketplace bundle).

It’s responsive, comes with Typekit fonts, and boasts a number of custom pages to easily showcase team members and recent work.


Tendershop Responsive Easy Digital Downloads Theme

0 from 0 ratings
Feb, 2017 2.1

Tendershop is an Easy Digital Downloads focused theme built on the Bootstrap 3 framework. While it has a relatively low sales count, it’s been recently updated and includes an attractive design, so I think it’s still worthy of this list.

It includes a bunch of custom page templates and widgets to make setting up your store easy, as well as plenty of backend theme options to customize how your store looks.


SoundBox | Easy Digital Downloads Responsive WordPress Theme

4 from 4 ratings
Feb, 2017 1.1.2

Soundbox is a relatively new theme with a small download count, so I hesitated putting it on the list at first. But I love the design so much that I made the decision to include it. Just pay attention to its small track record. It’s built for Easy Digital Downloads and focuses on selling audio products, though it can be used for any digital products.


Marketify – Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme

4.32 from 200 ratings
Jul, 2017 2.11.1

Marketify was destined to be on this list. It’s a gorgeous digital downloads-focused theme from Astoundify. It’s specifically designed to help you set up a multi-vendor marketplace using Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and the paid EDD Marketplace add-on. Marketify includes heaps of pre-made templates to make it easy to get your store up and running.

And because it’s specifically designed for EDD, it’s easy to set up vendor pages, wish lists, reviews, and more. And even though it has marketplace functionality, you can also use Marketify to create a standard digital store


Stocky – A Stock Photography Marketplace Theme

4.57 from 67 ratings
Aug, 2017 1.4.2

Stocky is a premium theme focused on helping you create a stock photo marketplace with WordPress. As a result, it spits out some gorgeous image galleries that make it easy for you to showcase your stock images.

While the focus on imagery does make it most suited to selling stock photos, Stocky is based on Easy Digital Downloads, so you’re certainly free to use it to sell other types of digital products as well.

It also includes some other stock photo specific functionality like the ability to extract and display EXIF data. And it can also automatically generate product galleries.


Humbleshop – Minimal Easy Digital Downloads Theme

4.8 from 15 ratings
Dec, 2016 1.2.3

If you prefer a minimal look for your digital downloads store, Humbleshop is the theme for you. And while this Bootstrap based theme might adopt a minimal look, it’s not minimalist when it comes to quality, boasting a stellar 4.8-star rating.

I’m a big fan of Humbleshop’s design, and when you consider that it’s compatible with all of the popular Easy Digital Downloads extensions, it’s a great option for your store…assuming you like the aesthetic.


Helium – Modern Portfolio & Blog Theme

4.65 from 23 ratings
Jun, 2017 2.4.1

Helium might give itself the tagline of “modern portfolio and blog theme”, but it’s also 100% integrated with Easy Digital Downloads to help you set up a store selling any type of downloadable product.

Given its style, Helium is definitely more suited towards the digital design store market, though.


Bookshelf | Books & Media Online Store

4.76 from 29 ratings
Sep, 2016 1.7.1

Bookshelf is another theme that, while the name might suggest it’s limited to books, can really be used to sell any type of digital product. Unlike the other themes, though, you’ll need to rely on WooCommerce for your digital products, which may or may not be a dealbreaker.

If you’re willing to go with WooCommerce, Bookshelf has a great design aesthetic with some bold backgrounds.


Austere – Digital Products Shop & Blog

5 from 4 ratings
Aug, 2017 1.4.9

Austere is a minimalist shop design built to work well with Easy Digital Downloads to help you sell all types of digital products. In addition to that core functionality, it also includes beautiful fluid galleries and is super easy to customize.


SquareCode – Marketplace for Easy Digital Downloads

4.32 from 100 ratings
Jan, 2017 2.7.1

SquareCode is another Easy Digital Downloads based theme that can function as both a standalone store and a full on digital product marketplace. You can choose from a variety of layouts and homepages, customize your product pages, and change a number of other style options.

It gives you custom pages for product and category filters, as well as a nifty store directory page.


Spaces – Creative Multi-Purpose Portfolio and WooCommerce Shop WordPress Theme

4.58 from 50 ratings
Aug, 2017 2.1.5

Spaces is another minimalist digital store option that’s fully compatible with both Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. The aesthetic is definitely more suited to creative uses, though you can use it to sell any type of product.

It includes a variety of layouts and makes full use of the WordPress Customizer for real-time changes.


Olam – WordPress Easy Digital Downloads Theme, Digital Marketplace, Bookings

4.81 from 26 ratings
Jun, 2017 3.3.2

Olam is another theme built to integrate with the popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin. You can use it to sell a variety of digital products including stock photos, plugin, software, and anything else that tickles your fancy.

It offers three product listing styles, a variety of demos, and is compatible with popular EDD add-ons like commissions, wish lists, social login, and many more.

Wrapping Things Up

And that wraps up my list of the best digital download WordPress themes. Compared to many other WordPress theme niches, the digital download landscape is fairly sparse.

But, that being said, I tried to dig into the various marketplaces to find some great options for your store. If I missed one, though, I’d love if you let me know in the comments so I can make the list better!

Colin Newcomer is a freelance writer for hire with a background in SEO and affiliate marketing. He helps clients grow their web visibility by writing primarily about digital marketing, WordPress, and B2B topics. You can find him at

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