Top 8 Best WordPress Author Box Plugins of 2018

Thinking of changing the design of your blog posts and pages by giving new looks to the authors’ boxes? We have the best solution for you: WordPress author box plugins. Below is a list containing vs Which one is better?

It’s safe to say that WordPress is Internet’s favorite platform. Just take a look: more than 50% of top million active websites are powered by WordPress. While you probably know what WordPress is, let’s explain

How to get the post ID in WordPress

When you start running a WordPress, you’ll encounter a number of plugins asking you for your post IDs. If you’re a first time user, this may stomp you. After all, you can instantly check the

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

When users create a new WordPress page, comments are always turned on by default. For some people, disabling comments can get annoying when they have a ton of pages on their website and sometimes forget

How to Add a Privacy Policy Page in WordPress

Nowadays, people are connected at all times, so naturally, they are constantly sharing personal information online. In some cases, people love to share information – photos on Instagram, locations on Facebook, so on and so