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The Best Photography WordPress Themes for 2016

Top 10+ Best Photography WordPress Themes of 2018

If you’re a creative photographer, showcasing your best work online for potential clients to peruse should be a priority. A clean and well-designed website can bring in leads and help you establish a strong personal

Top 15+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers in 2018

If you’re a writer or author you know how important self-promotion is. You need to get your work out there, engage with readers, and strive to expand your audience. A professional website is the first

Speed up WordPress – The Definitive Guide

Learning how to speed up WordPress is crucial to your success as a website owner. According to several studies detailed at, despite the somewhat limited effect website speed may have on your website’s search

best buddypress wordpress themes

Top 10+ Best BuddyPress WordPress Themes for 2018

BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin for social networking . It enables you to build a customized and fully functional social networking website. Whether you intend to create a social space for your family and friends

Top 10+ Best Education WordPress Themes 2018

The educational field has become increasingly competitive in recent years. Having an attractive website is now a must for any serious educational institution out there. It’s the quickest way to attract potential students. Moreover, it’s

remove powered by wordpress

Remove Powered by WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

Looking for ways to remove powered by WordPress from your blog? Whoever said setting up a blog/site is easy never had to do it alone. While the process of installing WordPress and picking a theme

Best WordPress Security Plugins Reviewed

Thinking that the best WordPress security plugins aren’t going to come cheap, not to mention free? Luckily, that’s not the case. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 WordPress security plugins we’ve used and