Top 8 Best WordPress Author Box Plugins 2019

Thinking of changing the design of your blog posts and pages by giving new looks to the authors’ boxes? We have the best solution for you: WordPress author box plugins. Below is a list containing the best free and premium plugins that we recommend if you want to polish your author’s box overall look.

Even though there are thousands of WordPress themes out there, most of them do not have beautifully designed author boxes as they do not focus on it, but you can change that by using one of these WordPress author box plugins, and that is huge. It has been a custom for web masters to add extra elements to their website even if the theme does not offer them.

The quality of your content, the topics addressed, and the images used all require time and research and they all make a huge difference in the end. Once you have these perfected you can start working on the design on your posts and an adding an author box is an easy way to mix it up. Without further ado, let’s check out the best WordPress author box plugins.

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Final thoughts on the best WordPress author box plugins

If you are a blog owner it is a good idea to also focus on the design of your blog and how you present your articles and authors. Apart from giving your visitors a chance to find out more about a certain author or read more of their content, it will also make your posts more entertaining and professional. If you are using one of these plugin let us know what your thoughts are on it or if you have recommendations, we’re all eyes and ears!

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