Top 8 Best WordPress Author Box Plugins 2019

Thinking of changing the design of your blog posts and pages by giving new looks to the authors’ boxes? We have the best solution for you: WordPress author box plugins. Below is a list containing the best free and premium plugins that we recommend if you want to polish your author’s box overall look.

Even though there are thousands of WordPress themes out there, most of them do not have beautifully designed author boxes as they do not focus on it, but you can change that by using one of these WordPress author box plugins, and that is huge. It has been a custom for web masters to add extra elements to their website even if the theme does not offer them.

The quality of your content, the topics addressed, and the images used all require time and research and they all make a huge difference in the end. Once you have these perfected you can start working on the design on your posts and an adding an author box is an easy way to mix it up. Without further ado, let’s check out the best WordPress author box plugins.

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list right now, here’s the top 5:

Top 8 Best WordPress Author Box Plugins of 2022
Simple Author Box20000+4.4
WP Author Bio4000+5.0
Author Bio Box4000+5.0
WP – Author Box-4.9
Attractive Author Box-4.3

Simple Author Box

4.40 from 49 ratings
May, 2018 2.0.6

Simple Author Box is probably the most popular and used WordPress author box plugin up-to-date. It has 20,000 active installs and it is constantly updated and improved. It comes with a beautifully designed author bio box that will enhance the overall look of your posts and pages. Even if it comes with a premium version, the free version still has dozens of features you can customize the box with. For a small fee, Simple Author Box PRO includes some extra features such as the ability to add guest and co-authors, additional typography options, and other useful tools.

Personally, I believe Simple Author Box to be one of the best WordPress author box plugins currently developed. Some of Simple Author Box features are option to manually insert it, turn on/off author’s email, turn on/off social media buttons, choose the box’s position, change the appearance, change the color palette, change the typography, use guest authors and co-authors, and free support updates.

WP Author Bio

5.00 from 24 ratings
Mar, 2018 1.5.5

WP Author Bio is formerly known as Sexy Author Bio and it currently has 4,000 active installs and a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. This plugin is free and perfectly suitable for both beginners and intermediate WordPress users. Using WP Author Bio’s tools and options you can craft a unique and eye-catching author bio that will bring a new light to your website. WP Author allows you to control the behavior of links, where to display it, its design, font options, and social media buttons look.

This plugin is a great option if you want to keep it simple, as it does not have too many options and features. However, if you want to take it to another level, you can add custom CSS code in the designated fields.

Author Bio Box

5.00 from 12 ratings
Nov, 2017 3.3.1

Next on our list containing the best WordPress author box plugins is another free one that has only 4,000 active install and a 5/5 stars rating. The back-end of this plugin is fairly similar to WP Author Box and has more or less the same options. It is an easy to use author box plugin and requires no coding knowledge to set it up and take full advantage of it.

Some of Author Bio Box’s features are location option, Gravatar size, text and title color option, border appearance, social media integration, biographical description, and more. This is a plugin that is still being developed, supported, and updated which is always a plus.


WP – Author Box

4.91 from 65 ratings
Apr, 2016

We have entered into premium WordPress author box plugins territory with WP – Author Box. This plugin is highly customizable, intuitive, use-friendly, stunning, and original. It is an ideal choice if you are searching for a way to show off your authors’ information. With WP – Author Box you have full control over the look and feel of the author box and you can use it to give individuality to your blog posts.

This premium plugin has tools such as Google authorship, multiple social buttons, user role permissions, customizable skins, several shortcodes and widgets, co-author option, and a fully responsive design.  To learn more about it and what it can do I recommend checking it out.


Attractive Author Box

4.33 from 6 ratings
Oct, 2013

Attractive Author Box is a pretty easy to recognize premium author box plugin thanks to its impressive skin collection currently at 24. This plugin is only $15 and deserves the fee because of its gorgeous design and outstanding performance.  Attractive Author Box was solely crafted to serve as an author box plugin for blog posts and it does its job well.  It has advanced features like live preview, shortcodes and templates, Google authorship, placement options, social media support, and widget ready. Must as well give it a try!


Ultimate Author Box – Responsive Post/Article Author Section Plugin for WordPress

4.67 from 15 ratings
Jan, 2018

Ultimate Author Box is a creative, professional, intuitive, and responsive WordPress author box plugin. Ultimate Author Box was developed by an Elite author on ThemeForest and comes packed with features. This is a one of a kind plugin that helps you customize the author box without much work. It contains over 15 pre-designed templates you can use to style it up, social media buttons, custom tabs, pop-up display, unlimited color variations and skins, role restrictions, author summary, profile images, and much more. This is by far one of the most powerful WordPress author box plugins on the market. If you are willing to invest in it, this plugin is $16 and comes with free support and updates.

Meks Smart Author Widget

4.30 from 6 ratings
Nov, 2017 1.1.1

This plugin is a bit different from the others on this list because you can only add it in a sidebar as a widget, but that does not have to be an issue as it will look just as beautiful. Meks Smart Author Widget is completely free and up for anything under the GPL license. It has over 30,000 active installs and the last update was a few months ago which means it is a plugin still supported. Meks Smart Author Widget includes options to automatically detect author, change the avatar size, display author description, option to choose the author/user, and to add links to the author name and avatar. All these features will allow you to create a dazzling and attention-grabbing author box. Make sure to keep it as an option!

Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup

4.80 from 30 ratings
Sep, 2015 1.4

As the name suggests, this is a fancier author box. If you want the fanciest author box plugin, you should check out their premium version which is called, you guessed it, Fanciest Author Box. While this author box still has active installs and it used by users all over the world an update has not been released for the past 3 years, which might cause some issues.

Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup comes with various display settings such as show in posts/pages/freebies, color settings, social media integration, user description, latest posts tab, profile image, and job title. All these settings can be found in the free version, while the premium one has more complex tools.

Final thoughts on the best WordPress author box plugins

If you are a blog owner it is a good idea to also focus on the design of your blog and how you present your articles and authors. Apart from giving your visitors a chance to find out more about a certain author or read more of their content, it will also make your posts more entertaining and professional. If you are using one of these plugin let us know what your thoughts are on it or if you have recommendations, we’re all eyes and ears!

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