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Top 20+ Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes 2018

Free WordPress Bootstrap Themes are a very trendy choice nowadays. The reasoning being that is easy to follow. The Bootstrap framework is a very popular one. Hence, today’s post will offer a detailed look at one of the most used frontend frameworks for developing responsive websites. What is it? Why you should choose it for your website? These are all questions our post will try to answer for you. We also have a comprehensive list of the best Bootstrap themes for WordPress. If you were looking for Bootstrap WordPress themes to help you build a posh and eye-grabbing website, we have a few suggestions that will surely come in handy.

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list right now, here’s the top 5:

Top 20+ Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes 2017
Flat Bootstrap2000+5.0

Best Free WordPress Bootstrap Themes of 2018


5.00 from 2 ratings
Aug, 2017 1.0.9

This rich, responsive, and customizable Bootstrap themes comes with plenty of features to satisfy every site visitor. With a modern edge and cross-browser support, your website will always renders just as you want it to. Built mainly for blogs, this theme will also work for other types of websites such as businesses as it is easy to customize and brand as your own.


5.00 from 1 ratings
Apr, 2017 1.8

This modern and elegant Bootstrap theme offers website owners a sleek one-page option for getting their point across to readers. Suitable for creatives, business, and personal blogs, this bold theme comes built using Twitter Bootstrap v3 and includes features such as cool page builder elements, unlimited color schemes, and a fully responsive layout.


5.00 from 2 ratings
Feb, 2017 1.1.5

Built as a multipurpose theme for bloggers and artists alike, ultraboostrap offers a cool featured slider fro grabbing readers’ attention, a custom background for added visual appeal, and a personalized welcome message for site visitors once they click on your homepage. In addition, you can make any changes you wish to your website’s elements using the Live Theme Customizer.


0 from 0 ratings
Aug, 2017 0.0.15

Based on the Twitter Bootstrap Framework, Gardener is a striking theme that caters to websites of all kinds. Packed with features like flat design concepts, responsive layouts, and a cool animated header parallax effect, your website will be a standout no matter what industry you are in. In addition, Gardener focuses on strong typography, usability, and user-experience so that website owners and site visitors alike enjoy their overall experience.

Flat Bootstrap

5.00 from 13 ratings
Mar, 2016 1.9

This flat style Bootstrap is great for those seeking the trendy material design that is all the rage these days. With a beautiful color palette, full-width images, and colored sections that add a bold look to this modern theme, Flat Bootstrap will leave a lasting impression on site visitors. Moreover, since it is built on the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework, customizing your website to match your personality or brand will be a cinch.

Pixova Lite

4.10 from 27 ratings
Aug, 2017 1.47.5

Developed by MachoThemes, Pixova Lite is an elegant, modern, and professional one-page parallax WordPress theme. It has a stunning parallax effect and beautiful slide-in effects. It also comes with customizable blocks. All these features will definitely help your web project become more visible and credible on the web. This Bootstrap built theme has a one-page structure. It’s meant to help you guide your visitors through your web content in an interactive and engaging way.

Cosmica Green

0 from 0 ratings
Jun, 2017 1.3

Cosmica Green is an awesome multipurpose theme built on the impressive Bootstrap Framework. It boasts responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, and social media integration for exposing your brand and reaching a wider audience. Being able to customize all elements using the Live Theme Customizer, Cosmica Green will work well for any website type – business, portfolio, photography, blogging, parallax portfolio, and more.


4.80 from 134 ratings
Aug, 2017 2.3.5

Developed using Bootstrap, Sparkling is a beautiful and modern WordPress theme. It’s optimized for all devices, desktop or mobile. It features a sharp design and fluid layout. The theme also comes with a full-screen slider that will definitely increase the value of your content. Ideal for personal or business websites, Sparkling will bring a more professional and premium look to your project.

Zerif Lite

4.50 from 274 ratings
Aug, 2017

Zerif Lite is a wonderful example of a Bootstrap WordPress theme. It preserves the modern one-page layout while having an interactive dimension. Highlights include its responsive parallax effect and wonderful colors. In short, Zerif Lite is an elegant WordPress theme suitable for a wide range of clients.

Regina Lite

4.60 from 10 ratings
Mar, 2017 1.1.0

Without being modest, we strongly believe that Regina Lite is one of the best Bootstrap themes for WordPress currently on the market. It comes with a modern, flexible, and responsive design. It will grab visitors’ attention and help your website stand out from the crowd. It’s suitable for a wide range of health care professional/institutions. The list includes health clinics, hospitals, dental offices, medical tourism websites, and more.


4.30 from 8 ratings
Jul, 2017 2.3.8

Newsmag is a very clean and attractive magazine WordPress themes. It’s built on top of Bootstrap 3 and features numerous optimizations. Newsmag is a responsive premium magazine WordPress theme that’s already been installed on more than 10,000 websites. You should definitely give this theme a try. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.

Llorix One Lite

4.60 from 31 ratings
Aug, 2017 0.2.14

Created by ThemeIsle, Llorix One Lite is a multi-purpose free business one-page WordPress theme. Created with the user in mind, it comes with a chic parallax effect that will reinforce your brand and image. It also loads properly on every design, regardless its resolution. The theme options panel is highly user-friendly. In other words, it enables you to get the most out of your website. When it comes to Bootstrap WordPress themes, you can’t go wrong with this one.


3.90 from 7 ratings
Feb, 2017 1.08

Alizee was designed to look like Pinterest. This Bootstrap built theme has a great modern and minimal look. With its fully responsive design and parallax header, the theme will help you win over all your clients and users. Furthermore, this WordPress theme features a video category for those who want to add a video component to their website.


  • Responsive design
  • Custom Logo upload
  • Parallax header
  • Custom scrolling


3.80 from 6 ratings
Jun, 2017 1.0.10

The ZBlackbeard Bootstrap theme is a fully customizable theme with a clean and modern design. It’s suitable for a wide range of projects. In other words, it’s great for personal and corporate use. A great choice for those looking to create an online portfolio. This theme provides the perfect environment for your content. If you want to mesmerize your online users, that is.


4.60 from 56 ratings
Oct, 2016 3.15.3

Decode is a minimal and gorgeous WordPress theme. It’s perfect for users looking to promote their content in an elegant manner. It was designed for storytellers who want a chic look and prefer to keep things simple. That means it doesn’t sport flashy animations or unnecessary widgets. That’s exactly why Decode has stunning typography. It allows users to fully customize its look based on their preferences. It’s fully responsive, so it will look sleek on a variety of devices.

VW hospital Lite

5.00 from 1 ratings
Aug, 2017 1.1.9

Though relatively new to the Bootstrap theme group, VW hospital Lite is an exceptional option for doctors, surgeons, dentists, wellness, and health centers to consider if looking to build a fully functional and beautifully designed website. With features such as built-in call to action (CTA) buttons, a testimonial section, and homepage elements such as team areas, banners, a search bar, and plans and timing information, this theme will provide your patients with everything they need to make an appointment and come see you.

MedZone Lite

5.00 from 3 ratings
Nov, 2017 1.0.6

MedZone Lite is a free multipurpose WordPress designed for flexibility and adaptability. Its homepage is created with widgets, and you can add unlimited sections.

MedZone's modern and professional design will help your website stand out from the crowd without having to pay for a developer or a premium theme. With this theme you can have various sections to choose from and showcase your services. Some of the pre-built widgets are the hero section, about us, appointment, doctors, specialties, testimonials, slider, and involvement sections. Get creative with MedZone Lite!


3.30 from 7 ratings
Jun, 2017

InkNess is a great responsive WordPress theme. Not only that, but it features all the latest technologies. One of the most appealing Bootstrap themes for WordPress out there, it renders beautifully on any device. It has a clean and modern layout. Additionally, the theme is optimized to meet all your needs, whether you need a personal or corporate blog.

Riba Lite

5.00 from 1 ratings
Sep, 2016 1.0.21

Are you a storyteller on the lookout for a minimal, but slick WordPress theme? You’re in the right place. Riba Lite comes packed with a ton of useful features that will allow you to showcase your content in a stunning way. It’s a free WordPress blog theme suitable for a wide range of clients. Also, it’s great for both personal and corporate use. In our humble opinion, one of the best Bootstrap WordPress themes out there.


4.30 from 16 ratings
Aug, 2017 2.0.6

Amadeus pays tribute to the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. That’s thanks to its classy, clean, and elegant design. Designed for both personal and corporate blogs, this theme has a full-width header and a smooth scrolling effect. It will fascinate your users and transform you into an online content guru.

Simple Bootstrap

3.00 from 2 ratings
Jan, 2017 0.9.0

If you are looking for a simple, clean, and minimal Bootstrap WordPress theme, Simple Bootstrap is perfect for you. Aimed at developers looking to build their own custom website, this responsive theme provides a solid foundation to create from. Enjoy things such as custom backgrounds and colors, multiple column options, and even several footer widgets.

What is Bootstrap?

A super small group of developers and I got together to design and build a new internal tool and saw an opportunity to do something more. Through that process, we saw ourselves build something much realer than another internal tool. Months later, we ended up with an early version of Bootstrap as a way to document and share common design patterns and assets within the company.” – (Otto Mark, Twitter)

Originally named Twitter Blueprint, Bootstrap was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thorton at Twitter as an internal tool.

Bootstrap is an open source JavaScript framework. It facilitates developing responsive and mobile web pages. Built to support both HTML5 and CSS3, Bootstrap is a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Moreover, Bootstrap is a collection of free tools. These tools will help any programmer or developer create websites and web applications that will scale on any device regardless its resolutions.

This frontend framework includes design templates for interface components. Think buttons, forms, and typography; as well as optional JavaScript extensions. Nowadays, Bootstrap has become the norm for standard responsive web design.

Why should you use the Bootstrap Framework?

It’s easy to get started

By using Bootstrap’s design classes and templates you’ll be saving a lot of time you can use for other important development work.

Great grid system

Bootstrap offers you a lot of flexibility. No matter what you need, if it’s a fixed grid or a responsive layout, you can choose from more than a dozen of responsive layouts, components, and grids. Another great feature available in its grid system.

Base styling for HTML

All the fundamental HTML elements, such as headings, buttons, lists, forms, and tables are enhanced and styled with extensible classes. Bootstrap provides styles for tables, buttons, forms, icons, images, code and typography.

Comprehensive list of components

Bootstrap has got you covered with everything you need, even if it’s alert boxes, pagination or menus. Among its pre-styled components, you can find dropdowns, navigation bars, button groups, label & badges, progress bars and alerts.

Responsive elements

You can easily create a responsive design for your web project. That means users will be able to access it from any mobile device.

JavaScript plugins

Bootstrap’s components are interactive with its JavaScript dimension.

Cross browser compatibility

Bootstrap is compatible with all major browsers. The list includes Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

Wonderful documentation

Bootstrap offers wonderful documentation, with demos and tutorials. It enables you to style almost every part of your website with almost no effort.

It’s super easy to use

Anyone with basic knowledge of CSS and HTML can use Bootstrap.

It’s Open Source

Bootstrap is completely free to use and download.

Which one of the themes above do you like most ? Have you ever worked with any of them ? Let us know in the comments.

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