Top 15+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers in 2018

If you’re a writer or author you know how important self-promotion is. You need to get your work out there, engage with readers, and strive to expand your audience. A professional website is the first step towards building a noteworthy online presence and establishing a solid personal brand. Thankfully, WordPress is extremely user-friendly and allows you to customize your platform based on your own particular needs. And when it comes to making your webpage stand out from the crowd, picking a professional and eye-catching WordPress theme is a must.

If you’re in a hurry and can’t cover the whole list right now, here’s the top 5:

Top 15+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers in 2017
Freelance Writer-
Author Pro Theme-
Writer Portfolio-
Typist – WordPress Theme for Serious Writers4.1
Moment – Creative WordPress Blog Theme5.0

Why choose one of the best WordPress themes for writers on our list?

When creating our list of the best WordPress themes for writers we focused on themes that, besides looking stunning, can assist authors in showcasing their work and credentials. All themes featured have intuitive design and powerful functionality, so it will be easier than ever for you to keep fans updated. You don’t have to stress over editing complicated code, as installing and customizing these themes is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is choose one that best caters to your preferences and you will be up and running in no time. Let’s get started.

Freelance Writer

If you’re looking to create a standout website that will impress online visitors and attract new clients, this is the theme for you. Freelance Writer suits writers who like utilizing a full-screen interface. It has an amazing parallax scrolling design and comes with a full-width slider. Its elegant looks and the full-screen design make it a good choice for authors and writers who want to promote their content and make an awesome first impression to grow their audience.

Author Pro Theme

Author Pro is an excellent WordPress theme, developed by a team who understands the challenges faced by most writers. Its numerous features allow you to customize your site with ease and showcase your published work with just a few clicks.

What makes Author Pro one of the best WordPress themes for writers? First off, it comes with a superb landing page; a feature that comes in handy for writers introducing their books for the very first time. It enables you to create a book library within your site to attractively display book details. It’s fully responsive, so your website will be perfectly optimized for every browser, device, and screen size. All in all, it will keep your readers happy and hungry for more.

Writer Portfolio

If you are searching for a minimalistic and straightforward WordPress theme, Writer is a brilliant choice. The theme is custom-built for publishers and writers looking to promote their work online.

The theme is entirely integrated with Cherry Framework, known for its intelligible and flexible admin panel. Using the smart theme panel you can alter images in your site’s background and header, play with colors, choose appropriate text that resonates well with your marketing plan, and build a modern website to showcase your awesome content. It also helps that the portfolio page comes separate from other posts and pages on your site.


Typist – WordPress Theme for Serious Writers

4.14 from 7 ratings
Sep, 2014 1.0.2

If you are a committed writer you will likely fall in love with this theme – it only requires minimal setup and comes with a handful of customization options. The theme provides an informative sidebar and ample space for images, but still highlights the content, your most precious commodity. Typist offers readers a great site experience without overwhelming them and allows you to promote your work with ease.


Moment – Creative WordPress Blog Theme

5 from 3 ratings
Dec, 2016 1.0.0

Moment is a beautiful WordPress theme designed to offer an excellent viewing experience over any device. It highlights your content in a creative way and helps you stand out from the crowd due to its impressive layout.


Armed with a slide-in menu, a characteristic look, and large featured images, the Worldview theme is a must-have for any serious writer. It offers a beautiful, colorful reading experience and allows your content to stand out. Working across all devices and browsers, this gorgeous theme draws readers in with its large cover photos and bold colors.


Literatum – Just Write

4.42 from 50 ratings
Aug, 2017 2.0.2

If your specialty is creating online magazines,  you need to get your hands on the Literatum theme ASAP. It’s a simple and straightforward theme that presents every article in a clean and modern medium. Configuration options are integrated and use native WordPress functions, avoiding any struggle that comes with dealing with third complex configuration panels. Its beautiful and minimalistic design earned Literatum a spot on our list of the best WordPress themes for writers while its ease of use makes it appealing for anyone without a technical background.


5.00 from 1 ratings
Jun, 2017 0.2.5

Karen is a free WordPress theme that is light on resources and big on delivery with its minimalistic looks and fantastic functionality. This theme has all the right features for running your WordPress blog.

Karen ships with handy features that allow webmasters to make easy tweaks to its appearance in order create a truly unique website. You can customize all the color elements using an intuitive color picker for text, links, and background.


Literary: A WordPress Blog Theme With A Twist

4.71 from 31 ratings
Jul, 2015 1.2.0

Literary is a WordPress theme that goes the extra mile when it comes to solving common problems faced by writers in the online space. As such, it provides custom post types that effectively display your portfolio and books in a stunning manner. The customized book post allow you to build a platform to showcase your published work, whereas the portfolio lets you display other projects. Literary is fast, beautiful, and incredibly responsive. All in all, one of the best WordPress themes for writers out there.


Preface: A WordPress Theme for Authors

4.58 from 19 ratings
Oct, 2016 1.2.1

Preface made it to our list of best WordPress themes for writers thanks to its outstanding features and simplicity. It’s basically created for authors and comes with a suite of features any writer out there will appreciate. The theme supports WooCommerce; a plugin that makes selling merchandise online very easy. If you’re looking to market and sell your work online, this may just be the perfect WordPress theme for you.

Preface allows you to control colors for the entire theme using the beautifully simple WordPress Theme Customizer, so it’s easier than ever to customize your website. They also offer great support, which means that you’ll be able to talk to someone whenever you’re experiencing issues.


Pocket is a crafty WordPress theme suitable for blogging, creative storytelling, and general writing. It’s highly reliable and will help you offer readers and excellent experience. The theme highlights your writing with beautiful, expressive featured images, abundant white space, and bold typography. All in all, telling your story with Pocket will be an absolute delight.


Forte — Multipurpose WP Theme (WooCommerce Ready)

4.79 from 245 ratings
Apr, 2016 3.0.4

The theme is built to suit writers that are looking for a straightforward and elegant way of displaying their work. It also comes with a handful of customizing options, so you can easily add a personal feel to your website. The robust theme customizer simplifies the hassle of modifying colors, logos, blog setting and more. The background images in the theme are also a plus.

In other words, Forte is a powerful, elegant and flexible WordPress e-commerce theme with an adaptive layout and many features that will come in handy. It comes with a powerful admin panel, an intuitive page builder, and fully supports WooCommerce.


With user experience at the forefront, Good provides a great platform for creatives. Promote your art, photography, sketches, and more using this elegant yet effective portfolio styled theme.


GraceUnderPressure ­| Responsive Theme Optimised for Touch

4.31 from 16 ratings
Mar, 2017 2.0.0

This theme is not mainly designed for selling books, but it has been created to accommodate writers and authors without programming knowledge. It implements a fully intuitive well-designed layout that gives readers a great experience. It’s a sleek theme that relays a sense of nostalgia and provides a feeling similar to reading a real book. What more could you ask for? All in all, GraceUnderPressure definitely deserves a spot on our best WordPress themes for writers list.

The Journal

The Journal is a Free Magazine WordPress Theme that's easy to customize and covers the needs of any blogger or writer: be it fashion, travel, cars, food or news. With a slick but retro design, The Journal can be customized to any taste with an integrated visual builder, color schemes or typography. In addition, it has many other options and tools such as: SEO, automated backups, WPML compatibility or responsiveness.


Evoke – Photo Stories WordPress Blog Theme

4.85 from 26 ratings
May, 2017 1.5.5

Evoke is a WordPress photo blog theme targeted to writers who want to share their stories in a simple and elegant way. It comes with beautiful typography and encourages the use of large images, which will make your content more eye-catching. Using the live customizer you can easily modify color scheme and fonts. The theme is fully responsive, has a clean and modern design, and is very easy to use.


There is no shortage of WordPress themes for writers on the market. However, not all of them offer reliable support and easy customization. Pick one from our list and you will build a gorgeous and fully functional site with minimal assistance and zero headaches. Then, you can focus on what’s really important: your work.

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